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Thinking about the genius of Brandy and since the 90s she has been light years ahead when it comes to her approach to music. She’s literally tapping into some futuristic sh*t. It is Afrofuturism .. FULL MOON was all of that! And her most recent project! She’s singing in the future - in the Black future. It IS space age. The irony that FULL MOON is 2 decades old.. and many artistically, are just catching up to THAT. Imagine how long it'll take folks to catch up to B7.

Her being ahead of the curve has shaped what we know as R&B or alt-R&B TODAY ! But all of what she does is deeply rooted in the Black American voices and sounds she is a descendent of!!

What the hell would R&B sound like if there wasn’t a FULL MOON or AFRODISIAC!?? How would y’all be singing if we never had THAT voice!?

Her brilliance needs to be studied in classrooms and uplifted more! #BRANDY #RANDB #AFROFUTURISM #THEFUTURE

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