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Call of Duty Mobile

The famous Frenchise game, Call of Duty, is finally back with their best game on the mobile version. Where this game comes to meet call of duty game lovers on mobile devices. CODM itself comes with interesting treats with strong capital, namely high-class graphics and also several play options modes.

CODM comes with several choices of interesting game modes that you may not be able to get in other games in its class. Even this game made by Garena is even more attractive with super smooth graphics. But interestingly, even though this game is quite large, you can still play it on lower-middle class HP.

free download android games - The next game that might be the best choice for you to play on your favorite Xiaomi phone is Slither io. An online worm game that is currently booming. This game, which sounds very simple, actually has a lot of fun. Even this game is able to come with an exciting performance. You will even feel the sensation of playing this game more deeply.

Mobile Legends, bang

Although moba games are not as busy as they used to be, in fact there are still many users of this game. Where you can play this game with a lot of fun because you can play with friends in 5 vs 5 mode. Or you can also play this game in random mode and play with several other players.

eFootball PES 2020

One more game that might be one of the most interesting games to play on your smartphone is PES 2020. This game that brings the football genre comes with great performance because it uses engine 4. The appearance of playing this game becomes very realistic and will reminiscent of football games on console devices.



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