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Providing Supplies

Parents are the first source of knowledge for children, therefore it is appropriate for parents to provide knowledge before their children study at school.

Provisions that must be taught from an early age are understanding matters of worship and religion to sexual education.

This is intended so that the child has the basics first so that at school it only takes the form of further understanding.

Dare to Refuse

The desires of a child must be very diverse and numerous. However, as parents we do not have to fulfill all his wishes.

In giving a refusal, try to give a clear reason behind the refusal.

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This is so that the child realizes that there are things that he cannot always get. If his wishes are always obeyed, it can also make children spoiled and reluctant to try.

Don't Compare

As parents, we always want our children to be the best. Not infrequently we will compare the achievements of our children with other children.

But you should avoid comparing your child with other people. This can make the child depressed and feel not proud of his own parents.

Every child is definitely not the same as other children, so stop making comparisons. It's better to be proud of or give children motivation instead of comparing them.

Be a Role Model

Children have a tendency to imitate the behavior of their parents. Therefore, be a role model so that your child imitates all the good things that you model.

Don't let it be the other way around, you actually show bad behavior so that your children follow you.

Teach Responsibility

Teach the importance of responsibility from an early age to your child. Such as simple things such as throwing trash in its place to tidying up toys. This will make your child have a responsible nature and be aware of their duties as individuals.



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